Our "Why"

The work we do for our clients is always founded on our "why", the reason we have devoted our careers to elder and estate law. These experiences shaped us as people, and as attorneys, and form the basis of what we do every day.

Olivia's "Why":


My grandparents were two of my favorite people. I grew up living across the street from them and saw them almost every day. They were smart, independent, clever, and very industrious even though they both had limited formal education. They were also the backbone and foundation of our large family as they had thirteen children and a host of grands and great grands. However, their last years were lived so differently from the way they lived their earlier years because they had not planned for the last chapter of their lives. They were not able to live the last days of their lives on their own terms because they had not planned for it. This had a profound impact on me and emphasized the importance of planning for the last chapters of your life as well as your death.

Nicola's "Why":


In 2009, my Godmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she and I created an estate plan that would ensure her daughters would be taken care of even after she was gone. A few months later, my neighbor became ill and together we created her estate plan as well. Once I started helping families in this capacity, I quickly realized that I loved providing these services. My clients found a great comfort in knowing that they had a plan in place that would continue to speak for them when they could no longer speak for themselves.

In 2010, I learned the hard lesson of what happens to a family member when there is no plan. Despite my many requests (and pleas), the matriarch of my own family passed away without a will. Suddenly we were left without any direction and no idea of what to do with her farm, her land and all that she had spent her life accumulating. I experienced firsthand the real pain of family conflict.

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